Friday, July 30, 2010

Please support my new film!

I've written a project in which I'm starring and co-producing a film called "Halfway Where...?" It's a funny, faith-based drama about a sober woman who checks into a rehab house for the cheap bed and befriends the neighborhood crackheads in rehab there.

This is more than a festival showcase piece for me and the cast. It's also giving actual at-risk residents of Safe Passage, a drug/alcohol rehab facility in the notorious Crenshaw district work experience with a professional film crew. The funds we raise will pay for the film crew and locations.

Art is a collaborative effort, which I'm sure you know. So please take a moment to go to the fundraising site and donate what you can

Although your donation is not tax deductible, it is a gift that will pay forward in dividends to those with substance abuse issues in Safe Passage.

I hope you're having the best day ever!